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By SNoktos#1727 May 29, 2018, 11:49:26

Hello. Could you make it so that you can communicate with your opponent without adding to your friends list. Sometimes you want to ask a question or ask for a favor, but many simply respond with a refusal to the request or ignore it altogether. I think it would be more convenient to just throw a couple of words) Well, if a person is very introvert you could add a button to disable the chat as you did it with emotions.

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Gaming chat has a request feature because, from my experience, in pretty much all CCGs I have tried, the vast majority of the time people are interested in talking it is either to try to ask you to forfeit or to scream at you for something you have chosen to do in the game. This often includes profanity and insults regarding one's mother. 
This is why many people will refuse or ignore requests, and what they would largely be used for if chat was "on" by default.
I can count on one hand the number of times accepting chat from an unknown opponent request has led to civil conversation, and I usually do accept them.

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I agree with Fracastador. The current system for chat is best left the way it is. Better to chat with people who are friends then to listen to random trolls or requests to forfeit a game.

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I feel like the one improvement chat could have is the thing all ankama games lack:

A note telling you where the player came from, like League of Legends does, it benefits you greatly if you're coming back, just met the guy once, or has a retarded name they can't change like mine.

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No Chat is so dumb. But Krosmaga is nearly getting Nothing new, is it? Wow, thanks Ankama, thanks.

I wanted to tell Players that were outright cheating one way or another, for example just using Money to win, or just using pure Luck, what i think About them. I wanted to tell them so hard how much worse at playing they are, yet they won. Winning like that means literally Nothing. Literally.

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