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nerf feca already

By Lifewill#3077 May 21, 2018, 22:05:19

thank you for the buufs to sram but feca is broken and has bigger priority.especially for the card new is the most broken card in the game.
especially the new wave card.
also please nerf the rallying ability of her minions,this ability is exploitable and in some cases it is impossible to counter it.

also please buff is the most underpowered card in the game.

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lol i win every game against feca.

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Score : 285

I find "Feca master" card more troublesome. Still you have options since you could try and be a lot faster than feca minions. But yes sometimes it can be very difficult to stop Feca especially if you make a bad start, but on the other hand who isn't? 

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Feca in the first part of the game can easy lose a dofus. Usually Feca deck has few card with low ap.  
Use Miranda: lol
But 3 hp gived from gliphs,  not a little too much?

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