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By jay-pemaster#6299 April 16, 2018, 04:30:26

Strongest spell in game. Three copies. A more dinamic version of cra's destructive arrow, and a must have in any xelor deck. Like they don't have enough damage (and don't tell me they can't reach 5 AP easily, they have many, many ways to do so). Fix it. Too powerful. Xelor needs a balance, and that's something obvious, along with eni, feca and some sram spells. Also, fix teleportation, at least so it can only teleport allied minions...

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What if it had one turn trigger time, so you put it on a minion as a timebomb (HOW YOU LIKE THAT IMMERSION HUH?!) so you put Desynch on an enemy minion and it doesnt trigger until the xelor ends their next turn.

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Doesn't sound that bad at all to me. Idk why you got downvoted without any further argumentation. Any change is welcome when something is unbalanced, however it has to be something thoughtfull and not just a effortless try to balance

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