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Spectral Duelist Change

By Qriev#4374 April 05, 2018, 03:32:08

Could we change the Spectral Duelist's effect from:
"Destroys minions with 2 or less HP if you're outnumbered"
"Deals 2 damage to minions with 2 or less HP if you're outnumbered"

This card  has no counterplay and the cheesy "Bled Dry" -> "Spectral Duelist" combo (and some play around with arachnees too)  can be really frustrating to play against, since there is no counterplay. If it just dealt 2 damage instead of straight up destroying minions, armored minions/minions with resistance actually stands a chance.

Sram isn't broken or anything, but I just find this particular combo to just be really cheesy and boring to play against.

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Its the only way that sram can defend himself agains aggro/temp/midrange decks
Any nerf to his boardclear will make him litterally unplayable (even now sram is one of the worst​​ gods

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Incorrect. His mill is quite strong, and he's used in tournaments quite consistently. Enu is the weakest god by far as he's never used in tournaments at the higher levels. 

In fact, I'm not sure how you can see Sram as weak at all. His control is ridiculously strong. Maybe not what it was prior to my showing up here.... but my goodness he's hard to beat. 

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