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Rework eniripsa´s spells

By battrix-back#5637 March 14, 2018, 03:30:23

Hey guys, it´s supposed that the eniripsa is a healer god but, instead, their spells aren´t. 

They can do everything, like:
- Take control of your units
- Switch your units atk
- Break your units shield + stun
- Silence your units + Repel 
- Drop to 1 the atk of your units
- Inflict single and aoe damage
- Transmutate your units

The only spell that they actually use to heal their units is empathy (not for heal, just for the shield).
So, im just thinking if im the only who think that the only thing that they dont do in battle is heal their units injuries

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This is because healing spells are straightforward -1, they don't really give any advantage, it's the straight opposite actually and also, they're too situational, you can't sit there waiting for your opponent to injury your minions and let them alive so you can heal them. In short, they're not worth running, except for empathy which is darn good, but just because of the shield it provides.

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Also, this isn't the only good deck we see that has this huge versatility. Instead of actually balancing the game and making it a game. They just are adding more and more capabilities to every God.

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The only problem I see is the AT-switch not being capped. Even Marline has a cap and he's an infinite. 

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