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suggestion about future dungeons

By Lifewill#3077 March 02, 2018, 15:52:50

i played the dofus mmorpg and i started as foggernaught,the game mentioned that they are connected to the god octapodas,there was at least one time where i actually saw this god.

i want to reccomend in a future update to include octapodas and any other lesser god that may exist in the world of twelve as a boss in the dungeons.

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Octapodas is simply another "face" for one of the 12 gods we have right now, so that would be redundant. Kinda like Rogues just worship God Sram in a different way, and Ouginak IS Ecaflip y'know?
I'd be more interested in Shushu cards anyways.

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i thought he was a lesser god.
i know that sacrier and pandawa were originally lesser goddesses before they join the pantheon.
i wonder if osamodas has 2 personalities just like ecaflip had furing the dofus era.

also do you know what's up with the other anthropomorphic animals of the world of twelve like coalacs and sharks?do they worship some lesser god?

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What I would like to see is storyline dungeons. Back when Wakfu Les Gardiens was still a thing, it was so damn fun to walk on the dungeons and having a little bit of what happened in the anime.

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