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English wording of Feca's cards

By dafunnymonkey January 04, 2018, 15:25:20

Hi Dewit, you have probably heard this a lot but the english translations of some of the Feca cards is misleading, Im referring to the Rally ability. 

Rally is a tricky word.
Rallying usually refers to groups of people, not an individual.
It means Both to be the one bringing people together and to be the one of the people being brought together.
This means there is no way to distinguish whether a minion who rallies is the one bringing a minion forward, is the moving forward or even both.
This leads to some confusion.

First up is Shosanne and Doo Rex. Boths cards say thier ability active "whenever a minion rallies it". Which implies it activates when they are the ones moving up to a minion.
The cards need to say; "whenever a minion rallies to them." or; "Whenever this card rallies a minion.".
This implies that the ability activates when a minion runs up to them, which is what the cards do.

Edit: Igor Tex "gives +1 MP to minions that he rallies"  implies he is the one doing the rallying, and that minions who rally to him are the ones getting an MP buff. 
what the card should say is "give +1MP to minions that this minion rallies to" consistensy is important for clarity.

Im not sure about Arty, because I don't have that card yet.
But I am going to assume it is also worded wrongly.
The card says; "Cancels the summoning sickness of cards that rally it" 
This implies the ones who lose summoning sickness is the minion up front, who Arty moves up to. 
This does not make much sense, seeing as how the minion up front likely does not have summoning sickness since it is further ahead and rallying does not work for minions that are on the same starting row.
Again I assume it should say "Removes the summoning sickness of minions that Rally to it"

Edit: In short I'd like you to keep the wording of "Rallies" and "Rallies to" clear and consistent. Since right now the only way to decipher what the cards do is to see them in action.

The only other big problem I know of is Lynn Dakartta. The card should say "Draw the first glyph from your deck" Because I know from testing it with Raging Drheller, that it count as a card draw. 

Other than that no major problems just nitpicking.

Break: should say "Destroy a minions AR then inflict 2 damage to/on it." Now you are sure effects happen in this order and that the card can only target minions.

Meteorite shower: says you "inflict that amount in damage on another minon" should say "Inflict that amount of damage to another minion"
(In fact I'd argue all cards should inflict damage to minons, since minions stand on tiles, and you dont want one word describing two different things)

Teleglyph: Should be worded like teleport and say it "teleports a minion onto a glyph".

New Wave: If Vampyro says; "All spells/minions/cards in your deck costs 1 less", then so should this card.

Aaand thats all. Sorry about the nitpicky ones, but I think clarity and consistency is important.
Hope its not too much trouble. Thanks for reading my rant, let me know if I missed something. Bye I love you.

PS. Since Im already nitpicking why do some cards "Confer" something, whiles other cards "Give" something? Why is there two words to describe the same thing? If its because you want it to seem like the God/Goddess is the one giving the buff via the spells, shouldn't it be called "Bestow +3 armor in a minion"? Rather than "Confer" which is usually related to having a discussion or a conference about something? 
ok Im done now sorry.

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First Ankama intervention

Well, we'll have to ask our translation service before making any changes to the game. But we thank you for your comprehensive explanation of the cards and the troubles that seem to come with them. smile

See message in context
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I got confused by the grammar of Shosanne so I have to agree with what you said there. Certainly not nitpicky when it causes confusion in a game where the data is important.

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"is rallied by" would be an unnecessary redundancy.
Only 5 grammatical changes to the card texts seem to be necessary (underlined):

[Lynn Dakartta]
Appearance: Draws the first Glyph from your deck to your hand.

[Igor Tex]
Gives +1 MP to Minions that he rallies to.


Gains +1 AT whenever a Minion rallies to her.

[Doo Rex]
Gains a shield when a Minion rallies to it.

Cancels the summoning sickness of Minions that rally to it.

New Wave: If Vampyro says; "All spells/minions/cards in your deck costs 1 less", then so should this card.

[New Wave] and [Vampyro]'s effects are inherently different because [Vampyro] will not effect cards that in your discard pile. Any minions/spells that leave your hand will reset its cost back to its original ap cost, and if these cards are brought back to hand they will have to be played at original cost. On the other hand, [New Wave] will effect all of your feca cards for the duration of the game.

Igor Tex "gives +1 MP to minions that he rallies" is fine, it implies he is the one doing the rallying. 
It would be made even more clear if it says "give +1MP to minions that rally to this minion." consistensy is important for clarity.

[Igor Tex] gives 1 mp to a minion that he moves to. "give +1MP to minions that rally to this minion" implies that when a minion charges up next to [Igor Tex] due to the rallying effect, the minion will gain +1 mp, which is not the case.

I suggested "Rallying: Gives +1 MP to Minions that he rallies to." because, again, [Igor Tex] gives 1 mp to a minion that he moves to.
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Hi Shatea.
"is rallied by" is indeed unneccesary, I just want the team to know that they can call it what they like as long as it is understandable and they keep it consistent.
and yeah only the top ones are neccesary like I say those other ones are nitpicking. tongue

But regarding Lynn "to your hand" is unneccesary, your hand is where a card goes when you draw it, thats how drawing works. No need to specify that.

You are right about New Wave. I forgot that it only lasts until graveyard. I just wish the card was specific about it actually being ALL your feca cards

Youre also right about Igor. For some reason I thought it applied to minion that came to his side. My eyes must be working wrong like my brain. laugh 
Ill be making some edits to the post. smile

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Althought i don't have any examples besides the ones you cited i agree with the sentiment.
There is a lot of space for confusion in the descriptions; in my few games (less than 20) there were some times i didn't play a card because if the effect was not i was expecting it would put me in a bad spot.

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Well, we'll have to ask our translation service before making any changes to the game. But we thank you for your comprehensive explanation of the cards and the troubles that seem to come with them. smile

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Glad to be of help.
Let the translation team know that they can ask me for help whenever.

(Im sorry about my sense of humor)
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