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Feca Balancing suggestions.

By dafunnymonkey#3631 January 04, 2018, 13:04:39

Welcome, in this forum you can come with balance suggestions and rate others suggestions on how to balance Feca in a way that makes her more competitive or even just more fun to play as and against. 

Comments can be about anything from, single cards and ideas on how to change them, to complete reworks of the class and card interactions.

Critique and discussion is always welcome, but please be constructive. smile


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First we need to make the glyphs better, I think that reducing the area where they can be casted to just the Feca's side of the field makes them rather too weak, most gods nowadays like to charge or give mp to their minions in the middle of the field, making you lose the timing of using them thus leading to a destroyed Dofus.

Glyphs can now be casted on the entire field, their destruction condition is still the same.

Aggressive Glyph now confers 3 AT;
Lethargy Glyph now costs 2 AP and affects only enemy minions;
Burning Glýph now costs 4 AP and affects only enemy minions;
Renewal Glyph now costs 3 AP.

Now, to the normal spells.

Break now inflicts 3 damage;
Rallying now costs 1 AP;
Crashing Wave now costs 6 ap. But it could be back to 8 if the buffs on glyphs are anough to make it worth running, which, I think, they are;
Rearrangement now costs 0 AP.

And last, but not least, the minions. I think that some of then need little improvements in order to make then able stand by thenselves, I mean, right now many of them look underpowered and too dependant on glyphs, and what if your opponent doesn't even lets them step on it? Being slow and dependant as they are really opens to retaliations like this, and it needs to be addressed.

Lynn Dakartta now is a 2/2;
Igor Tex is now a 3/4;
Indoctritaned Champion is now a 3/5;
Doo Rex now costs 4 AP;
Armored Alchesmist is now a 4/5;
Hardened Hero is now a 4/5;
Anonymous Executioner now costs 6 AP and is a 6/6;
Byron LLyoung now costs 6 AP;
The rest are balanced... I think, I didn't touched the minions that have strong effects that activate right after they hit the field because maybe that would make them overpowered as well as the minions which I think that are already balanced given their cost benefit in ap.

Thats it. 

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Regarding Glyph spells.

I hope you are making different suggestions for balancing, and dont believe that letting her be able to target the opponent side and not having your minions be affected and lowering the cost of the spells, is balanced.

I believe letting Feca play a glyph spell on the opponents side of the board, even as they are now would be too strong. Her spells have unmatched potential strenght, which is why they have these hard limits on them. If they don't suffer some kind of trade off to not only being able to get cast on the opponent side but ALSO not target your own minions, then she simply becomes absolutely board dominating with her spells.

When making these suggestions you must keep in mind both how it would feel to play as Feca with these buffs, but also to play against it. When and where you can play your minions would be severely limited if glyphs could be played on the enemy side.
If there are 2 or more minions within a 3x3 tile area of one another then feca gets value for her lethargy, Burning and Death Glyph spells. If there are 3 minions, within the area I'd argue she also gets value for Renewal Glyph.

If all of these buffs were applied, she would be almost unstoppable. Imagine her playing 2-3 minions close to each other , 2 MP each. As a response, you play 2-3 minions to face those. 1 spell card, and those 2-3 minions are ALL affected.
That means 2-3 stuns for 1 card and 3AP, 6-9 damage total for 1 card and 5 AP. 2-3 instant kills for 1 card and 8 AP. That would be way too much value. Imagine if these three minions were close to your dofus (which happens easily if you let even 1 through because of Rally) Not only would she get value for the spell, her own minions wouldnt even be affected AND she could place a glyph for the middle minion to walk over. 
She would be completely broken. You wouldnt even need feca minions with spells like that.

I agree with you that Feca needs to be able to use her glyph spells on the opponent side, but not without a trade off.

Regarding Normal spells

Again I think this might be a bit much.

If Break deals 3 damage its an improved Shovel Kiss. It would actually make it the best damage spell per AP in the game apart from Xelor's Hand if you have 5 AP, but without that cards downside.
If crashing wave cost 6 AP, the card value becomes much too high if you have more than 2 glyphs on the field (I don't know what your experience with Feca is. But In my experience, I have not had trouble keeping about 3 glyphs on the board at all times.) It simply becomes a better Rocknocaros, unless you are playing a deck without glyphs.
I dont believe Rearrangement should be free, because Glyphs already cost 0 AP to play. This means you can do an entire rearrangement of all your glyphs, at absolutely any time, with no need to think ahead.
I agree its cost should be lowered though.
I also agree with your Rallying for 1 AP suggestion.

Regarding Minions

I agree that most minions seem underwhelming, but you have to keep in mind that they all come with a good ability, Rallying. 
With these buffs, Feca minions will become MUCH harder to stop, thus making thier Rally ability exponentially stronger and will suffer the same balancing problem Cra does. That you get way to much value for every minion. 
Im not gonna go through every one of these. But all of these buffs would in my opinion be too much.
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Not a lot of people chipping in on this topic so here are my suggestions. smile

first of
Glyph Spells
I suggest a rework of the way Glyph Spells work to make Feca more fun to play:
All Glyph spells may be cast on the oppenents side, but they only target the tile you play them on, rather than all the surrounding tiles.
That way, you get more worth from your cards if you play them on your own side, but they are still viable to play on the opponents side.

Other than that I have a few General balancing suggestions.


Rallying > reduce cost to 1 AP

Warning > Increase cost to 3 AP or reduce damage buff to +2 AT

New wave > Increase cost to 5 AP OR Make the card do something completely different. Like all your minions charge 1 cell, draw a card. or  Your minions gain untargetable. Or  reduce the cost of your Feca Spells OR Minions by 1 AP. 
As the card is right now, it makes it really hard to balance Feca. Its the main reason I don't want to reduce cost or buff Feca cards too much. All suggestiong are made with this card in mind being as it is right now.

Lethergy Glyph > Only affects enemy minions.

Burning Glyph > reduce cost to 4 AP or  make the damage affect only enemy minions.

Death Glyph >  Reduce cost to 7 AP or make it only affect enemy minions

Truce > Reduce cost to 6 AP


Indoctrinated Champion > Increase stats to 4/4/2

Doo Rex > Reduce cost to 4 AP, Reduce stats to 3/4/2

Anonymous executioner > Reduce cost to 6 AP, Increase stats to 6/5/2

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Still HIGHLY relevant thread.

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I apologize for the inlges.
I believe that the FECA need an adjustment like in AR Bonus (armor) of the glyphs that is too much and in the times that happen over and an adjustment in the hablidad own concentration of the FECA
Case 1: if a FECA passes over a glyph and you use a push letter of boxes and go through that glyph again, it receives the bonus it is an abuse they should check that Bug

Case 2:

The concentration allows the FECA the opportunity of a constant attack since to avoid that you need a mass spell, the spells the other gods and decks only make a maximum of 2 to 3 damage with the exception of SADIDA that has one of 4 damage given that the FECA are based on defense and there is no mass spell that pierces armor are too strong.


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Feca is currently OP in buffs 100%. I played her for the first time in ranked at lvl17 and won 3 times out of the gate with no idea how to play her. She's not unstoppable, but she's a bit too much in the unbalanced category. So here's how we fix that. None of it is meant to take her out of efficient contention... but there's clearly a little too much loaded to her side now.


That's too much combined. So the problem is clear and is much like Cra.... it's just a plethora of options that need to be lowered a smidge. 

+3AR to a minion/Aggressive Glyph: Change this to +2AT and change the Glyph to a +2AR
Shields: Fine. Don't change a thing. Or if you wanna keep the +3AR, remove this.
Reduce Cost for Feca Cards: Change this to "Cards in hand". There's 3 of them, so plenty will be reduced by 1, and that's plenty. 
Draw Cards Glyph: This one is okay, but may just up a Draw-2 Perk and not as many as there are minions around? 


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You are right in that the synergy between her cards is unmatched.
I agree with you on most of these suggestions too honestly.

But my number one concern is for one of the cards you also mentioned. New Wave.

Have you tried playing as or against Feca that doesn't draw any of thier "New Wave" cards? They simply can't keep up with any other gods, because 70% of thier cards are not good value until they play 1 New Wave card. 
Really everything hinges on this card in a Feca deck. This is why I think the most important change they can do to balance Feca, is to change the ability of this card to something completely different, and after that, worry about balancing her other cards.

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Why the f**k do they rally with the minion furthest back?


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Because otherwise the ability would be even more OP than it already is. It forces you to make careful decitions about where you place your minions, and it also gives your opponent a chance to manipulate where you will have to focus putting down minions so as to limit the effect of the rally ability.
That or maybe its just because the Fecas are lazy and don't want to run farther than they have to.

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So... hehe, it looks like things got a bit out of hand... Like 85% out of hand...

I have only one suggestion to balance her out, limit rallying to her side of the field only, this way people won't have minions with 9 AR along with shield right in front of on their noses by the turn 6 anymore, which is what I think is the main problem.

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Man, rally is such a balanced mechanic! biggrinbiggrin

Of course, devs cooooould fix this, but seeing how slow they are, I wouldn't get my hopes up. I just surrender before the match starts whenever I'm matched against Feca, because with Rally and New Wave and glyphs being ****** broken, there is just no point.
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Ok, so... my suggestion for Feca (that haven't been mentioned) is just about Rearrangement.

For those who doesn't even use it, Rearrangement is a card that allows you to "call back" (I don't know how to say it) all your glyphs to your hand.

Problem with this lays in that, when you have a lot of glyphs (Say... 7? In a glyph-focused deck, of course), Rearrangement fills your hand with glyphs, and since normally people have at least 5 cards in hand, you may lose some glyphs in the process (that without a 3* Joris, which makes it hell...)

How to avoid this? I was thinking maybe make a glyph reserve (much like a seed reserve) that allows you to organize all your glyphs without sacrificing some of them...

I know making a reserve for such a situational scenario is kinda... childish? But hey... this game is basically a bunch of situational scenarios ("what if I draw X card" or whatever) so...

Anyway, thanks for reading and if you can give some feedback, that'd be golden

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As long as using many glyphs is as stupidly strong (remainder that you can give 15 amor to a minion by just having 7 glyphs on the field, permanent, glyphs dont fade, armor dont dissapear), this is a bad idea. The seed reserve works because:
1: Seeds dissapear when you walk over them. They are gone.
2: Seeds does not have a redicilous stacking potential like glyphs does.

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3 silence, have minions on at least three lines at all times, make sure your save your spell damage for when it's truly needed. 

One of the most important things I learned was knowing when to give up a line against Feca. As long as I can silence or kill the other lines.... sometimes a Dofus has to go. 

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