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Glai-effect vs Belgodass

By Atticor August 08, 2017, 00:35:26

I just want to clarify whether this works right:
Glai gives +1MP to a 3MP Minion before the middle
It attacks Belgodass
Counterattack silences it to normal stats including MP 3
Minion still walks to my Dofus and attacks

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I had a similar situation with Otomai *: Belgodass attacked, Otomai counterattacked, transformation still occured

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That's because of the way the fights work in Krosmaga :
-  the attacking minion (the one owned by the the player whose turn is unfolding or the one charging) deals damage
- any subsequent effect from the defending minion such as counterattacks is resolved
- the defending minion deals damage
- any subsequent effect from the attacking minion is resolved
So in your case Otomai must have been the defending minion.

In Atticor's case, I think PM modification won't affect a movement that has already started, so the minion should go to the dofus regardless of being silenced.

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