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By Anrupier#2038 June 21, 2017, 21:13:40

I want to explain my suggestions that i would like so much to see in the game.
I like to play with every god and create new decks everytime, so i usually erase decks to create new ones. Also when i dont use a deck a long time ago, i forget  if it's good and should maintain it or erase it to try another.

So my suggestion is to create a rating system for the decks , where every player can rate his/her decks with a 1-5 stars scale. In that way, if you have many decks created you can notice which one is better, and what is really bad and should be erased.

Also i think you should expand the slots for create decks. You could sell it like a service in the store for allow to create more than just 3 decks per god. It sounds weird because you can errase a deck for create another, but i would like to have more space to create decks.

Finally, i'd like to have an indicator in the cards interface to see how much cards i have and what is the percentage of the total of the collection.  

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