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Matchmaking exp balance

By padroca05#6171 June 21, 2017, 05:41:44
Im used to play in unusual times, with few players online, and that is a problem in ranked games. I know because there is not a big pool of opponets i can face players with some ranks above or below. But the problem start when the game have no balance on exp in that terms. If i win a game agains a player 10 ranks below i will win and he will lose the same amont of exp if we are facing players in the same level, and that is not fair. I shoul win more and the opponent lose more when he have more ranks, and i shoul win less and the opponent lose less when i have a higher rank. I think +- 5 exp per rank diference will make the ranked gamesm ore balance and will provide a better experience for all players.
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There is a distinction in the way ranked XP works. 

* From rank 1-29, the XP depends on your actions during play, like the number of Dofus destroyed on both sides. Your opponent's strength is not taken into account. 

* Once rank 30 (Veteran) reached, a new system is used to determine your rank. There, your opponent's score and yours are used to calculate how much points you would win/lose by defeating/being beaten.

We're always aiming to improve on this system, and some subtle changes will be added in the next patch, for instance. 
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