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The new Toothy Arachnee and Rushu's dungeon

By Fracastador#3166 June 17, 2017, 17:46:04
So, three cards that Rushu relies heavily on:

Are we there yet: Repulses your minions by 7, deals 1 damage to them.

Now I'm winning: Boosts Rushu's minions attack by 1, makes them charge 3 spaces.

It's mine: Puts all minions on the board into Rushu's hand.

Now let's put toothy arachnee into play.

If it does what I think it does, those three cards now read:

Are we there yet:  1 damage to your minions.

Now I'm winning: Boosts Rushu's minions attack by 1.

It's mine: Does nothing.

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I am completely fine with this, double Now I'm winning has wiped me enough times.
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The dhreller that causes cards to discard instead of go to the graveyard pile sounds good too
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