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Too many "Inflicts Damages"

By marcoedaniele#7471 June 05, 2017, 12:58:29
Don't you think guys there are too many Spells/Summons which inflicts high amount of damage appearing? 
I'd say to reduce them or at least reduce some Damage point. 
im not meaning only cra spells, i mean ALL the damned cards which inflict damages (Wabbits ana many others)...i ve just been defeated by a "damage cards + Returning minions cards" sram god player who has not let me neither move a single PASS Dam it! Each time i summoned a minion (included Chafer King of 5 HP, Katsu Mi of 6 HP!) all got Destroyed in a SINGLE am i supposed to face those deck? Am i force to change my iop deck with a stupid noob "Damage" deck like all the noobs players? Well if this is the only way to climb rankings i'm out...i don't like to be a sheep in a flock of sheeps...

(This is a copy of a thread in "General Discussion" but i might have written in the wrong section.) 
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Duplicate topic; let's keep it there