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Does Iop make it necessary to run silences?

By DameonLG#5549 June 04, 2017, 02:18:50
I feel like Iop giving buffs to first strikes makes it almost requred to run enough silences to counter. Turn 5 I've run into Iop decks with 4/4 and 5/3 first strikes with no answer in my hand.
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Iop does not make it necessary to run silence, though silence, as you have noted, is effective against many iop strategies. Depending on what else is in your card collection, running silence might be a good idea.

I generally do not choose to do so, as there are many situations where I would regret running the cards that are able to silence enemy minions instead of other cards with better bodies or more general board impact.

The fact that you had no answers to that situation on turn 5 suggests you need something that can help deal with those scenarios, though whether that would be silence, removal, stun, 5/6 sized minions, or something else depends on you.
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I think it's also frustration that I'm running into a lot of Iop rush down decks at low ranked levels because the season just reset.

I mostly play Sacrier, so my buff options don't usually come in the form of a lot of spells with high numbers, but primarily from playing other creatures and/or weakning my own units (which makes me even more susceptable to first strikers).
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Iop has only 6 direct FS minions. 2 have 1/1 and can literally be killed by anything with 2 HP and the other has 3/4 and costs 5 mana.
Iop relies on buffs to bring these FS minions through. Cra completely makes them worthless. It's either: a) you lose your FS minion, or b) you have to buff it with 1-2 cards to beat 1 minion.
iop needs more FS, even weak ones and Cra needs a nerf.
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