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Xelorium should be revised

By StrangeMachine#2806 June 03, 2017, 01:30:21
Well, that´s it, I think it´s impractical, because the only really good change to use it is when you play against other Xelor, no other rival will have more than 2 APs in the reserve in general.

I think it should change for example to, remove 2 AP from the enemy (not the reserve) and adds it to your AP reserves, also it changes to 2 AP, so you waste 2 AP to convert them to AP reserve, also you slow your enemy.

Example: Let´s say that you have 4 AP, you use this new Xelorium, it costs 2 AP, and it will make the next turn of your oponent, so he will have just 2 AP to use it instead of the 4 of their normal turn.

What do you think about this idea? Do you think it´s too OP? Will you change it? How?

And about the normal Xelorium?

Do you use it? why? why not?
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Looks like a tech card. If you are in a meta or a tournment where you expect a lot of Xelor you can bring this really hard counter to Xelor that will be virtually useless vs anyone else. I think it's a neccessary card and also think that they gave it to the right class.  Without this card it would impossible to interact with an enemy Xelor's reserve in a meaningful way.
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i mean a xelor who banks a lot of mana for example if he wants to use that 20 mana spell along with minions that reveal your dofus - without this card it would be impossible to really stop it directly - but now there is a card that CAN stop it directly. So even if you lose to that strategy you can look in the mirror and only blame yourself for not bringing Xelorium wink
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I have no interest in running xelorium as is in any deck. I think It would only be worth running if Xelor was the strongest and most frequently played god by a large margin. 

With the changes you make, it sounds like it becomes a strickly superior slow down. I've seen people running slow down in some decks already, though I'm not impressed with it. I suspect your xelorium is OP at 2 AP cost.  
Assuming that ap drop to the opponent isn't permanent, and that it only lasts 1 turn, I think it's a slightly too powerful card. It might be closer to fair at 4 or 5 AP, since it's effectively a slow down that gives you extra reserve AP, a very relevant quantity for Xelor decks.
If that AP drop is permanent then that's lunacy.
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No, the idea is that is just for the next turn of the opponent, I mean after that it will  get the amount of AP equal to its turn or 10.
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In other words a card like Xelorium can keep the design space open for Xelor's reserve mana mechanic. Ankama will be able to create more potent effects for Xelor's reserve mana just because there is an official hard counter available. Which means that there will be greater diversity amongs Xelor because nearly anything involving large amounts of reserve mana can be undermined by a card like Xelorium.
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Hard counter, pff
Card, that hardcounters only one class (+ only 1 class can get it) shouldn't exist in nice game by default. Current Xelorium definitely is lame.
Idea in this theme is nice, but i don't know what to think about numbers
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It would be usefull if xeors had some cards that give your opponent AP reserve as a drawback, so you could use xelorium to turn it into an advantage, or if other classes had more 10+ AP cards so they had some incentive to hoard AP for other reasons than playing big cards out early.
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