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Hum... a simple change to Xelor

By EstebanDark#6349 May 31, 2017, 06:53:22
What if the "mummy" mecanic was change to something like this: mummy : 2 hp / 2 atack ,  4 pm Dies at the end of his turn and gives the xelor 2 Ap 

this is because the Devotion card is really strong, turn 1 of your minions into a mummy that has no summon sickness is like common... there is no way you can stop it at least make it that the mummy dies at the end of his turn, you know its a bit too obvious when the xelor hit a real dofus (you have to kill it with spells). 

Soo yeah thats my suggestion.

P.D.  or make the card only transform minions on the xelor side i dont know, have a nice day
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Well, if you do that, you'll also have to do it with the Ecaflip Bow Meow transformer card, and with the Sadida Bush/Seed/Doll (can't remember) transformer card.
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nha fam the cat is fine, has too many Luck based cards he needs something that he can use 100%, and the sadida just turn into a seed not a 2/2 summon that give him ap -.- 
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Something has to have the power to potentially end the game for Xelor which is typically a pretty slow class. Green larvae are a good counter to Devotion. Which is good news because green larvae is a good card in general.
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