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Marline vs Otomai

By StarsInTheSky#9515 May 26, 2017, 05:07:14
I was just thinking that Otomai is very unreliable due to Justice and Marline among other things. Marline is a very devastating card to run into especially when played on curve against one of your key minions... such as Otomai.

I was wondering whether Marline should be unable to target Infinite cards.

It's an arbitrary change to make. But I feel like Otomai is never going to get played partially because of Marline and Justice being out there. Also Marline is a REALLY good card that would still be REALLY good even if it couldn't target Infinites anymore.

For the record I'm not a Marline hater. I actually have a 3-star Marline. But I also have Otomai and I just cannot in good conscious bring myself to ever add 1-star or 2-star Otomai to any of my decks anymore. Because the risk does not outweigh the reward.
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...or should I say the risk DOES outweigh the reward... yea that's the one -.-
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I agree a bit. Otomai doesn't really give that good of a summon and it is highly vulnerable. It should have some immunity at least like untargetable. 
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Spiders seriously counter marline, as he can just play your marline back against yourself (albinaracnee)
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