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Discard from top

By wolzarg89#3634 May 24, 2017, 05:51:37
I find it absolutely absurd that discarding from empty deck triggers the empty deck rule for damaging the dofus. Seriously is this intentional and if so why the fuck would you make it that way?
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I love the sound of the Dofus when they shatter, whenever I make my Maskemane combo with Sram deck. its funny too leave the oponent without cards.
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Not really related to the thread but he is a cool dude that maskeman
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It's not funny to me, I think Sram mill is really broken.
You can make a deck with 3 blue larva and 3 arachnee to bring back the larva and play it over and over again then use spells to make opponent discard more and then pop Maskemane 3 and oneshot all dofus.
Counter? Rush decks...Control decks can QQ.
Pls nerf Larva.
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