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Dungeon Issues

By EddyBear#7304 May 19, 2017, 09:26:25
I know that Kama is both an in game and premium (paid) currency, but I feel like the dungeons could be improved quite a bit with a few simple tweaks.  First of all, I've gone 23 wins without getting all of the cards from the dungeon.  10 Dwarfants, 7 Knights, 4 Lackbeards, and 2 Priestesses.  I know this because I haven't disenchanted any of them as of yet. I've been getting perfect victories that pay out Kamas as I'm going, which is the only thing keeping me going back, well, that and the Dust I'm getting out of Lackbeards, but that's beside the point.  Anyway, any chance of guaranteeing a new card from the pool out of a victory... please. That or tell people straight up that it's random before they find themselves going down the rabbit hole and getting stuck.   Let's be clear I really want that last Priestess, but I'm not paying 400 Kamas for it, actually at the rate I'm going I might. 

Also, I realize the dungeons are PvE Content, but is it really necessary to make infinites not level while in them?  I suppose if I was only playing 10 games per Tier I wouldn't mind it, but since I feel like I'm grinding dungeons in an MMO, well, seems flavorful for my heroes to level up.  

Loving the game otherwise, but the dungeon issues are just rediculous, especially if you're trying to avoid the p2w comments that have run rampant on Steam of late.
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Tweaking and improving the Dungeon will be one of our future missions. We'll try to make them more interesting and fun for the players.

As a matter of fact, our very next patch will remove a frustrating aspect of the rewards: duplicate cards. From now on, you won't get any extra duplicate until you got all 10 cards of a wing. This should help you get all cards much faster and avoid duds! 
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