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Favorite Underrated Cards?

By StarsInTheSky#9515 May 18, 2017, 17:14:48
I've mentioned this before, but lately I feel even more strongly about it; I think that Black Crow (3star Kabrok) and Miranda are absolutely underrated super stars in this game. The fact that you can change an injured 4/1/2 minion or a random token 1/2/3  minion that is situated at the middle of its lane into a 2/1/4, but that you can do this in multiple lanes at once, while also putting a tank on the field with super high attack - is absolute BEAST MODE. And Miranda is... what can I say, borderline OP.

An honorable mention for me woudl also be 3star Khan Karkass. I don't know what the concensus is on him but he provides super utility and in a Xelor deck who frostbites early... you can instantly win the game almost with a ramped out Khan! And let's not forget the synergy he has with Sadida bushes!

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(note to the above post: I was watching the tournament last weekend on twitch and everyone I saw was running 3 star Khan Karkass. He's quite popular in serious play, apparently, and his combo with Az is very strong.)

1 star Julith Jergen gets my pick.
That 1 damage to all enemies played is excellent if your deck focuses on one-sided combat abilities like ranged, first strike, or stunning enemies. This turns what would be a  minion trade into a flawless kill. She synergizes well with removal spells too. She also breaks midgin bruiser's shields, leaving them unimpressive 2/2/2s. Good players typically play around her well, but a lot of less experienced players make mistakes. I've had a lot of people concede against me when they make a devestating misplay due to her ability. If you're playing Rushu's dungeon, the Rushu AI has no idea how to play around her and if he doesn't kill her quickly, stupidity sometimes ensues.
Note of caution: she can occasionally backfire against some Sacrier decks, but even there I dont usually regret playing her.

She's obviously not all upside, since she's fragile and overcosted for her body, (she usually functions like a 4/3/3 for 4 due to her damaging ability) One of the worst parts is she trades with blue larva, so there will be a lot of times where she doesn't do that much.

She's a key part of my Iop strategy that got me to rank 20 without any 2 or 3 star infinites. Until rank 19, my win rate was around 65%ish. Now its closer to 50%. (I don't think I'm good enough/have good enough cards to grind to 30 yet, but I really wanted that gold pack.)
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yeah it's hard to level ur infinites when you have a small collection - but once your collection is good enough it's very easy to level them becasue you have nothing else to use your gold on other than optional things like dungeon or draft.
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Trubout. I've won countless matches with turn 2 Trubout followed by a bodyguard. Then I can use lightspeed/punishment shenanigans to get the rest of the dofus.

Jiji is also low key bonkers if you can hide him behind a strong minion.
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King jellix, it's perfect when someone places a small minion in a lane and if you get a royal jelly you even get it back. The lemon jellies ahave some odd interactions though.

Also the 4 drop 3-5 dhreller, gettin a card back is usually as good as drawing one and can tank most small minions
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