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My Balance Suggestions

By StarsInTheSky#9515 May 15, 2017, 22:37:25
Cost: 2 Mana
2 AT/ 2 HP /4 MP
Card Text: Brotherhood of the Tofu members receive +2 attack while Hugo is in play. (including Az)

Cost: Increase her cost by 2 Mana.
All other things remain the same except, Bakara receives Untargetable, preventing her owner from being able to bounce her back to hand or adding targeted buffs.

[Blue Larvae]
Cost: 2 Mana
3 AT/ 2 HP/ 3MP
Card Text: Draw 2 cards. Your opponent gains +2 Mana to their reserve.

[Seeds and Curses]
Seeds and curses will now stack in your hand up to a maximum of 10. One card slot for Seeds. One card slot for Curses.

[Infinite Balance]
All Infinite cards now require 2500xp in order to fully level them. Likewise - it is no longer possible to gain experince by spending kamas. Instead you can purchase a weekly 100% xp booster for 350 kamas. 
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My thoughts on your balance suggestions:

Since you can only have 1 Yugo(Hugo?) and 1 Az in any deck, they will almost never be out at the same time. Even though yugo searches other brotherhood members, he's taking damage while he does that, so if he's searching, he's probably also dying.
Without Yugo, your version of Az is probably a worse version of the black tofu (2/2/3 for 2 ap with charge 1), since they usually take the same number of turns to get to the enemy dofus, but the black tofu can charge into enemy minions as a surprise.
I think this is way too harsh.

I've never seen anyone bounce their own bakara against me, but I can see how that might be annoying.
Still, at 7 ap, 2 star bakara would be a LOT worse, since you wouldn't likely be able to play much else the same turn, and a 7 ap 2/4/3 isn't something a lot of decks can afford to do against an enemy with good board presence. This would also render you vulnerable to hand flood if you played it.
Maybe a good nerf. Untargetable is hard to judge. Has pros and cons.
I dont like it, personally, but it might be the right choice. 2-star bakara probably wouldn't see anywhere near as much play at 7 ap.

[Blue Larva]
That... is not a nerf. Hand flood is annoying, but that would just be game ending.
Ap in the reserve that your opponent wasn't expecting to receive is not actually that much of a bonus a lot of the time. Your opponent would have to spend it all at once if he or she wanted to use any, and he or she may not have a card in hand to take advantage of that.
Even if the ap-boost to the opponent was permanent, rather than into the reserve, it might still be OP. Uncertain about that last one. Depends on the matchup, I think.

[Seeds and Curses]
I like your plan for seeds. Sadida needs help against hand-flood strategies.
On the other hand, I think curses are too strong to work in the stack, and hand-management with curses is a legitimate part of game strategy. I'd rather it stay the way it is.

[Infinite Balance]
Not sure what this is supposed to do.
It hurts pay2players and it doesn't really help free2players.
I think, even for free2players, spending kamas to level up infinites is more that twice as efficient as grinding (I still have only 1 star infinites, so I'm not sure about this), and your 100% boost for a week sounds way to expensive from my persective (I might just not play as much per week as you do).

Finding fault with other people's ideas is much easier than coming up with good ones.
I salute you for trying, even though I don't agree with you on most of these.
I'm relatively new to this game (playing for a little less than a month, rank 20), so my experience with what is and isn't a good idea is limited. 

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thanks for the engagement

I will say in defense of my incomplete ideas that for a slower deck facing a faster deck, receiving extra mana from an opponent's blue larvae could be a huge deal. I normally play Eniripsa and Xelor and from my experience to get +2 mana at almost any point in the game would be a big boost to the strategies that I play allowing me to pull off bigger combos sooner or to simply play a bigger minion or spell

for Seeds and Curses I'd think that seeds and curses wouldn't be the only collectable item that will exist in Krosmaga. What will happen for Sadida if they have to hold on to curses, seeds, and treasure chests (or some such) all at once when Enutrof comes out? I think managing Curses requires skill but it will also limit design space in the future.

Az's mana cost was reduced to 2, down from 4 and his ability reflects that change. a 2/2/4 can charge all the way to the enemy dofus from a Sadida bush, unlike now using Bamboo milk. ;-)  (Shadow Sadida buff!)

Well anyway thanks for the engagement!
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Blue larvae should still be Both players draw 2 cards but 3 mp is too op for a 2 mana card that has already a huge effect. 
Larvae should be 3attack 1hp or slightly nerfed at least. 
7 ap bakara with untargetable is a good idea but bakara spell effect should be randomized cause it is so op imo. 
Well in addition I think transform cards should be 4 or 5 mana and be restricted to players own field. Same goes with sacriers positioning spells. Or that the transformed summon cannot attack on the same turn. 
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My thought process on blue larvae is that if you make his body good enough he will remain a very tempting option for decks that need card draw - faster decks. Meaning that slower decks will run into blue larvae more often. Meaning slower decks will receive ramp from faster decks very reliably. Meaning slower decks will receive an indirect buff.

There will be a number of blowouts that occur from improper use of blue larvae by a fast deck vs the slower one. I think eventually, despite its great stats, faster decks would get tired of risking that blow out. I mean think about it, turn 8 your opponent blue larvae's enabling you to drop a Milkar on a crucial lane. That's very significant. Or giving Eniripsa +2 mana so that she can cast her 12 mana minion stealing spell after turn 10.

Or helping Sadida complete one of his crazy combos.

On the other hand I'm not really that attached to any particular stat line on blue larvae. Just the effect.
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I don't think an eni will even last that long. In a blue larvae aggro deck, the opponent fills your hand so fast and iops can even use cheap buffs and summon that completely removes your defenses. 
Plus the fact that you have 3 copies makes it worse. The buff from blue larvae isn't good for slow decks because you can't even drop a milkar at turn 8 without sacrificing several dofuses. It is suppose to be a back and forth exchange but blue larvae makes it totally one sided.
for example, eni seduction is an offensive type card but the cost is really high. Even with the 2 ap, it still won't help much when your opponent has an army of minion. 
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