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Cra is really broken (Photos)

By Tristhephin#5773 April 28, 2017, 22:12:23
This Cra is rank 7, i am rank 10 almost touching range 11 (If i am that is for something), in the 5º shift im over.. Dude, they have a card who can destroy your summon for 5 of mana, a card who makes 4 of damage, a tornado who makes 2 of damage in all your table, other card who makes 3 damage on your summon and 1 on your dofus, archers whit 3 or 4 of range, cards for put that range in 1-5.

I already said this once, and i will say it again.
¿Does Cra really need all that damage and mechanics? I understand that it needs to be an easy class to play like the Iop, 1 star initial classes, but dude, this is too much.
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 Yeah, she have to munch spells of damage, but for te arrow that destroy one creature for five mana, i think that isn´t broken because only destroy de summon, meanwhile for example xelor can craft devotion that transform one enemy summon in alied mommy, ani can transform in bunny( but you obtain it with an infinite), sadida can transorm a enemy summon in a seed, etc.
 But she have a lote of removals and the ranged minions that are a problem, also this cra had lucky with the cards to buf her minions.
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You said everything, my friend.
But a Xelor needs 8 mana to use a devotion, as you said a Ani needs an infinite, and the transformation in the enemies of the Sadidas does not exist, maximum there is a card in the game which transforms an enemy into a bush, but that we can use it in all the classes and you must create it, the 4 damage of Cra are 3 free cards and only Cra can use it, the other classes don´t have something like that.
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