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The card who gonna make you poop.

By Tristhephin#5773 April 27, 2017, 20:09:19
Well, today i fight versus this card, the enemy only win the game because he use it.
Ancestral Abraknid.
Sorry my natural language is spanish, i will translate this for you:
"Death: Summons 2 crows on its sides."

This card is very, very broken, and if nobody change or fix this, craft her NOW.
The situation is that, me and my adversary only have in the moment 6 cards in our decks, a very long battle of 24 mins.
For him last whisper, he summon this card, but OK, is only a one card more.. No.
This card summon 2 crows when the Abraknid die on him sides, Ok, well and ¿what?¿Is that? Its normal, is a card who her cost is 8 of mana.

No buddy, no is only that, that is normal, the problem comes now.
If in one side of the Abraknid have one summon or one summon yours, the crow appears on the back of the abraknid, but the card tells only on the sides, and not around of him, with a one monster on the side, the raven should not appear in the table, because that square is occupied.
¿You understand my point?..

1. The information who´s the card give to you is false, in that case, this information confuse me, and she makes me get a decision, but when the abraknid dies, something else happens, and that give a over on your game.
2. Is not a simple error, that error makes me lose the game, is a really big error, and can makes you lose the game too, be carefull.

3. If this change and they put in the card "Around", they gonna need put some kind of randomness in the summons of that abraknid.

And for finish this, i want to make a critic, all the summons who comes of other summons, are summons too, and they have to still 1 shift sleeping, like all the summons, i dont care if is a abraknid, or a wobot, if u want see them walking or hitting, put on your deck a Charge.
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On the English translation, it's listed that summons 2 Crobaks next to or behind it.
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Remains a mistake, but in Spanish, have to fix this.
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Oh, and about the sleeping thing, if you manage to let it die on your opponent's turn, the Crobaks will "sleep" and you'll be able to counter them.
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That´s what have to happen.
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