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Cra really need a tornado who makes 2DMG in all your summons?

By Tristhephin#5773 April 26, 2017, 03:41:24
Cra have too much control in the table, she makes 4 damage with 1 card, have summons who attack you with long range, and monsters who can make damage with only enter on the table, put 2 or 3 more black wabbits and BOOM, is so hard kill monsters ocra with 1-3 long range attack, i played games who i not kill a monster with that stats, because everytime when my summon get´s closed with him the Cra use a card to pushes him behind or push her monster behind, and when she use a card who gives AR or AT, hohohoho, prepare your botton for leave the game.
And obviusly, if everything goes wrong, shes put her Tornado who makes 2 of damage on only enemy summons.
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Besides charging and giving MP to summons there isn't much good options besides silencing. Honest it fells unfair if they get summons with more than 3 range cause 3 range is already really hard. I think maybe if there were summons that cannot be targeted by range it would be more fair. I wish untargetable makes you summons immune to range damage. And make untargetable more exclusive so none can abuse it. For example the 4 AT 6 Hp chafe should get untargetable if there were another chafer. Making a few summons immune to range would help balance.
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Is a very good idea.
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