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By Tyagus-PL#6930 April 24, 2017, 12:47:04

My two cents about THE SPRING KUP.
I know it is the first tournament after the beta and the game develops by small steps, because you guys works on many stuff at a time, but i think you should consider the following:
-Improve the spector mode in the tournament. (the way it is is kind lackluster, you are specting the 2 players and editing their cards and APreserve, it dosent look very ...worthy of Ankama, your art and setup in Dofus at least is top notch bring it alitle for Krosmaga. You cant even read the discription of the cards. Ovc 90% that watches the tournament already knows the cards, but even so 10% may not know and could learn there )
-I play \ watch Pokémon TCG and in tournaments they usually focus in one card. Zoom the card, explain, beneft, what counters that kind of stuff.
-And you could warn players in game, like a memorandum, next to the shop or something, to get more visibility.
I know you guys have other things to prioritize, but this is just my opinion.
This is more like a question: Is the tournament qualification 3 Stream going to be in English? *Looking at Izmar*
Sorry if i wrote something wrong, english is not my first language.
Thanks in advance for reading.


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