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Light Speed Card

By Mikaelxelor#5588 April 23, 2017, 20:48:08
Seriously? I CAN'T BELIEVE ON THIS CARD'S EFFECT. The first time I got Sacrier on Draft I red it and thought you could only use it to change your minions positions. 

The first time I get Cra on Draft with a good deck on top of it. I was on 3rd phase and 1 loss to go. I can't believe that right before the trn he was going to lose, my enemy simply used 6 AP TO TELEPORT HIS MINION TO THE POSITION OF MY JUST SUMMONED MINION IN FRONT OF MY DOFUS WITH HIS 5/3 AND FREAKING WON THE MATCH. 

Seriously? This card is Ridiculously OP. "Oh, but his Dofus will be destroyed too by your minion. Who cares? It could be a fake, or he could switch being in the middle-field and summon another minion to protect it along with the switching.

​​​​​​I can't believe it.
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If you play Cra you have Riddling, if you play Iop you have Authority , if you play Xelor you have devotion, if you play Eniripsa you have Seduction, if you play Sadida you have Knowledge of dolls, If you play Sram you have sanction, if you play Ecaflip you have Bow Meow, if you play Sacrier you have Lightspeed.

Every class has their "OP" spell that may afect enemy dofus in a direct way. I have loss and won because of these spells. Learn to lose and enjoy the game.
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Lighspeed can destroy a dofus at the end of the same turn so it should REALLY cost more than 6 AP (half of seduction which almost same pratical effect). Plus: Riddling hits as much as there are cras in a row so it's not easy to dmg more than 1 in a same egg; Devotion costs 20 AP; Sanction, 20 AP; etc.
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TBH, Riddling sucks in comparison to most of the others.
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Light speed did seem op to me. Rest of sac seems bleh though
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You're right. Meanwhile, the Iops are winning Dofus with their easy and cheap buffs.
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