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My thoughts on Blue Larva and why it's unbalanced

By Paranixous#9084 April 14, 2017, 03:14:17
With most other card games I've played if you have too many cards in your hand you discard them during the end of your turn or the end or your next turn if you went over during your opponents turn this is why I believe Blue Larva is unbalanced.

It's two free cards and is mostly only played when your opponent won't get anything form it and to make it worse its a 2 cost minion with 3 attack and 2 health so it's also got good stats.

I think this card needs to have its draw power reduced form 2 to 1 otherwise this card is just silly if it wasn't for the way hand limits work in this game this card wouldn't be a problem it has the potential to be two easy cards and it promotes the idea of being wasteful with your minions.

I don't hear anyone talk about this card but that's because I think people don't want it touched but I'm calling this card out its unbalanced and promotes wasteful and carefree plays and has a mediocre draw back which means nothing half the time ,give your opponent two cards how often does that even happen.


I honestly think Blue larve is the worst card in the game and not in the traditional way.

This card makes the game worse just because it exists, it brings the whole game down and Ankama likes to pretend it does not exist.

I think their soo ashamed of this card that they just ignore it, i know i would if i made a card like this without seeing the ovious signs that would lead to a probelm.

Their are decks made to purly abuse this cards effect, not to stratigicly improve a deck by adding this card, no they make decks purly for this one card and no other reason and its a shame becasue it hurts the game.

Ive already said why its bad and im not listening to anyone in the commets that thinks this card is justified because its not and no amount of excuses will change my opinion on this card.

I myself run a deck based on consistency whcih gains extra advantage by returning things to the hand and making the most of every card, i implerment a lot of skill into the deck i run, i know im not stupid but im also not crawl i like a good game but a game with Blue Larve is never a good game its always a bad one normally with some novice that think there the greatest thing in the world missplaying all over the place.

but them missplaying and not knowing what their doing is fine because Blue Larve promotes stupidity.

i know skilled players also play this card but that does not make it ok it makes it worse when they do it since they have the skill to make something cool but instead they make a deck focused around milling people to death with blue Larve.
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If this card will get draw reduced to 1 no one will play it as there are 1 draw cards that don't give ur enemy card while doing so. This would make this card completly unplayable unless you would make it: Draw 1 card just for you and not for your opponent but that of course would kill Mill decks completly. The best nerf to blue larva would be making it 2/2 body instead of 3/2 so it doesn't trade for free with cards like barry or malb aroma and some other cards. Moreover this card is not played in every single deck. So it's not like it's THAT broken you know. It's just the body that is too strong. Also it could get cost increase to 3 AP maybe.
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Change the cost to 3. Done.
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I agree that blue larvae needs to be balanced. The card is way too strong and possibly overpowering for rush and mill decks. Especially in the first few rounds where your hand is full of curses and high cost cards. So it becomes way too difficult for the player who goes second cause their hand will get full fast. Effect should be draw 2cards if you have another larvae or 1 card if you don't. There should be at least some condition. The effect is too overpowering imo. 
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The key word here is "I" it suggests that I the person that made this haven't heard anyone talking about it

But seriously I can't tell if your trying to prove a point or add to the conversation theres very little context to this comment
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Make it say 2-1 stats and that should help
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I don't know if this card is that bad.
It's slow, trades with a lot of low-cost minions 1:1, uses a deck slot, and it's effect is basically "cycle 1 card and draw 1 card, your opponent draws 2 cards". And not many people even use it correctly(or put it in wrong decks), so many times when it was used on me i just thought "well thanks for 2 cards mate".

Like coldlight oracle from HS, this is a situational card.
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True, but you don't see many aggro decks, like Pirate Warrior, running Coldlight Oracle. That's because your opponent will draw as many cards as you and will have more ways of dealing with your board (with AoE, for example). 
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