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Enemy`s curse counter

By Yra111111#7786 April 03, 2017, 01:16:33
I see how many times enemy grab curse prizm, andsee how many times he used it. so i must write it to paper , or whach?
Let curse cards in enemy hand be revealed
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I believe that's part of the strategy. After many and many games a still find hard to keep track of the enemy curses in hand, however when I do I find way easier to play around his cards.
It's pretty much like knowing the enemy has a Member of Tofu Brotherhood after playing Yugo or Bow Meows/Krobaks and such.
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Just keep in mind how many times the prisms have been reset + how many times either you or your opponent happened to interact with the curse prisms. Basically each reset counts as +2, and then your breach = -1 and theirs equals + 1
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I agree with OP. Obviously it's possible to manually keep track, but it's just an annoying chore, it doesn't require any skill. I would also suggesting adding a marker to your dofus which have been revealed to the opponent, this is less important, but again it's annoying to have to keep track.
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lol i think using ur personal abilities in order to edge out an advantage in competition falls under the category of skill - i dunno for me it's fairly simple to assume that each prism respawn results in 2 curses for each player - other than that I just take note of the exceptions and that's how I keep track
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stupid idea
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