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Draft mode?, you ment Cramode rigth?

By DarkMorrita#5618 April 01, 2017, 23:57:38
like im honest i really thought that that game was going to be really good... now every one plays cra and that made it so stressful bc now you dont know if the guy you are against has only 1 destructive arrow can have 2 can have 3 there is no way to counter that many spells without preparation i mean what about if instead of 3 chances is more like 1 and thats it i can have fun with that make ppl creative instead of just rushing cra's 
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this game could use Eternal's spell shield mechanic. It's a shield that blocks one spell. Less binary than Untargetable so that you can allow for more sources of the effect.
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Well, every God has OP cards. Complaining only about Cras won't help.
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well, i did some cras fail, but, i agree with u
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