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Lou 3* buff suggestion.

By Koniacz#6565 March 31, 2017, 16:02:09

 Hello I would like to suggest a buff for a Lou 3* version which would make her more viable. Here is the change I've come up with: Instead of an effect "Appeareance: Makes the prisms reappear." it would be better for it to be "Appeareance: Makes the prisms on your side reappear." With this change im certain it would see more play. I believe that the suggested effect would make her pretty powerful.
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She would be broken, if that's what you meant with "pretty powerful". I can imagine already people spamming her ability with return to hand effects and using only curse prisms to destroy dofus. She is already fine, she is just too situational, like a lot of infinite cards.
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The real "Legendary" cards in this game are the Krosmics. The Infinites are mostly there for flavor, and the enabling of exotic maneavers. Then we have Adamai and Bakara who are just good in 97% of all decks.
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And Evangelyne, really. The only reason not to include them into your deck is if you don't have them as they're Objectively Better than the other cards available by a considerable amount.
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