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Why Lou** should be changed

By TeamVith#9608 March 27, 2017, 17:33:07
Hello everyone,

Let's talk about Lou** and why she should be changed.
First of all, she is strictly better then Lou*. This is the only Infinite card in the game to be a strictly better version of the previous Infinite card and basically makes Lou* the worst card in the whole game, because there is no reason to ever pick her over Lou**. Every single Infinite "upgrade" comes with some sort of cost that gives you a reason to play a * over a **, except Lou**.

Then, let's look at her effect.
Lou** can pick up an enemy prism for 1 Mana. Played on turn 1 this is one ridiculous strong effect as you have a 2 card advantage from the very beginning of the match. Now, the effect isn't necessarily op, because this happens for sure not every game. But when the player going first plays her on turn 1 this has NO counterplay at all. Every card and every effect should have some sort of counterplay, especially when the effect might be such a strong one. As it is right now, losing your card draw prism before you can even take action is super frustrating and should not be a thing ever.

Finally, what's going on with the wording of this card? Lou* and Badaclocom both read "pick up" this one reads "retrieve".

This cards bothers me so much, as it is the only card in game (that comes to my mind) with potentially zero counter play + the only card with a strict better effect as the previous Infinite card + some irritating inconsistent wording. All in one card!

I suggest this card to cost 2 AP in order to give every player the opportunity to collect their card draw prism before Lou** can be played and to make Lou* stand out against her.
Also please change the wording to "Pick up a prism." for better consistency.
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While I agree that it's pretty lazy for the 2* to be strictly better (maybe it should only take opponent's prisms), she's actually balanced. Here are some reasons:

1. Against most decks right now you'll just overflow and start discarding if you draw too much due to Blue Larva.
2. You'll lose tempo to most other first turn plays (Tofu Polter [No idea why this card exists], Puddly, Cara Byne, etc). That means you'll need to use Lou and +1 card just to deal with another 1 cost card.
3. The biggest reason, it takes up an infinite slot. There are at least 5 other infinites which can immediately swing the momentum of the match entirely. Lou 2* is only good on the first turn and only against non-aggro decks (which don't exist at high elo).
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The answer above is good for lou**, but here is why you shouldn't be too sad if your opponent steal your draw prism.

You definitelly never played against a xelor sinistro.
Stealing a curse? (the black prism that makes one damage to a dofus) is sometimes a better move than picking the opponent draw card. 
Even in the end of a game, 1 of these black prism is enough to kill a dofus and win/lose.

Also, there is a kind of deck that consists in making your opponent draw a lot. When its deck is empty, all its dofus take 1 damage each time it has to draw again. When you use this kind of deck, you are very happy each time it draws, so you steal AP or curse prism, but never the draw prism.

Even in a normal game, if your strength is somehow equal to your opponent's, the victory will depend on how many extra card both of you draw. If he took your drawing prism, maybe he can lose because of that.
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Thanks for your answers but I think you didn't really get my point.

I just don't like the fact that one Infinite is the powercreeped version of the previous Infinite.
That's why I think Lou* should either be buffed or Lou** be nerfed. Not for the sake of balanced gameplay but for the sake of good card design.
And because taking the opponent's prism (whatever it may be) at turn 1 is not interactive at all, Lou** should cost 2 AP. This makes the card less frustrating to play against and it gives the 1-star-version a little plus over the 2-star-version like every other Infinite in the game...

I hope you get my issue now.
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Actually, the Draw Prism is always the third to be taken in every match by every player. First, most players pick the AP prisms as they help to use stronger cards to counter the enemy.
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