Forum rules

When you sign up for KROSMAGA, you agree to follow certain rules.
These rules exist to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and optimize each player's experience. Players should know that if they choose to disobey these rules, they expose themselves to sanctions.

Here is a general introduction.

Rules of good conduct in forums

Access to and participation in KROSMAGA forums is a privilege that we offer to members of the community. We ask you to follow some rules to make sure the forums are enjoyable for everyone.
Anyone who does not follow these rules should be aware that they can be sanctioned. Sanctions include temporarily or permanently blocking forum access and permanently closing your player account.

The right to post on the forum is reserved for registered KROSMAGA players; however, anyone can read forum posts. Consequently, Ankama Games wishes its forums to be free of any illegal, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, racist, or objectionable content.

To this end, Ankama reserves the right to delete, move, or modify any content published on its forums, as well as to block or limit access to its forums without warning or explanation.

Below, you will find a non-exhaustive list of instructions that must be followed.

Before posting:

  • Do a search to check if a discussion on the same topic already exists, or if the information you are looking for exists elsewhere.
  • Please also be aware of the rules for the sub-forum in which you are posting.

When you post, you must:

  • Respect other players, moderators, and Ankama staff
  • Pay attention to spelling when posting and do not use SMS-type abbreviations
  • Do not spam or flood the forum with off-topic comments
  • Expand your answers; the forum is not a chat
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Post in English
  • Use the correct forum sections
  • Do not post in an old topic thread just to move it back to the top
    This practice is called bumping, necroposting, or reviving a topic. Note: An answer that moves a topic back to the top in a constructive manner is not considered necroposting, especially if it is done after a search and to avoid a duplicate post.

Regarding authorized links:

Only sites that follow the fan site/guild forum rules and advertising rules are allowed to post their link on the forum.

It is forbidden to:

  • Spam or flood the forum with off-topic comments.
    Practices such as "bumping" or "necroposting" are considered spam.
  • Use SMS language (abbreviations are allowed within reason).
  • Promote illegal or pornographic content.
  • Refer to a forum user's private life (including staff members) without their consent, or to cause harm.
  • Attempt in some way to damage the forum's integrity.
  • Denounce or use the forum to denounce conduct that does not respect game or forum rules, mentioning a player's personal information such as an account pseudonym or character name. Notify the team directly through Ankabox.
  • Save in exceptional circumstances (such as an event in agreement with CCMs), it is forbidden to incite the community to negative actions towards the game, threaten other players, or lead a manhunt against players, characters, or guilds whose name you have given for this purpose.
  • Divulge information considered private by Ankama staff.
  • Send huge private messages to players or admins that exceed size limits.
  • Answer topics with an account other than your primary account, if the primary account has been sanctioned and is not allowed to post. Using a secondary account when your main account has been sanctioned or banned qualifies as bypassing a sanction and can result in a definitive ban from our forums.
  • Put an image signature at the end of your messages.
  • Conduct surveys or petitions that are not approved by Ankama.