Al Howin October 23, 2017 - [Nedab]

Discover the rebalancing of the Iop and Xelor gods, and the new Al Howin cards in this patch!

Patch 1.6 is composed of two major parts. First, there is the Halloween pack with its new cards and the reworking of the Chafer, Ghoul and Boowolf families. Then, there is the balancing of neutral, Iop and Xelor cards. The beta testing that we were able to organize and the extensive player feedback were very beneficial. Thank you very much!

KROSMAGA Season 9 Rewards Info - October 19, 2017

Season 9 marks the end of an era: The seasonal rankings will soon become even more important with the Krosmaga World Series (KWS)! 

A shadow has fallen over the World of Twelve. In the darkness, eyes glow red like lanterns. Do they belong to Boowolves? Or maybe Ghouls? Or could it be Chafers?! Good heavens! They will all be in the Vampyro pack!

So what is this mysterious tournament that is only accessible to the players qualified by the Krosmaga Open tournament? Find out all the details in this article: who's invited, the rules, the cash prize, and even more!

Come November, Krosmaga will be launching its e-sports circuit. And what better way to launch it than with an open tournament for you to train up and warm up? Get the scoop in this announcement!

KROSMAGA Patch 1.6 is in beta testing! Info - September 28, 2017

The latest Krosmaga patch is available starting today. This is your chance to share your thoughts about card balancing – we're counting on you to help us improve Krosmaga! (UPDATED on October 4th)

KROSMAGA Season 8 Rewards Info - September 21, 2017

Valiantly climbing the ladder testing what's new in patch 1.5? Here are the rewards to be won in season 8!