KROSMAGA Season 12 Rewards Info - January 18, 2018

You know the tune: Each season has its rewards! Here's what you could get in your Season 12 Chest!

The December end-of-season tournament was full of spectacular matches and, in the end, Ex-Oplee took home a brilliant win. He's won his second major tournament, after the ESWC! Here's an interview with the young Krosmaga prodigy for you!

Dive right into the arena with the In the Fray Pack! There are 15 five-card packs with assorted card types, including rares, Krosmics and Infinites, to help you take down your opponents! But that's not all! At 60% off, it costs just €9.99!

KROSMAGA KWS : OPEN Tournament #1 Event - January 16, 2018
The Krosmaga World Series runs all year long, but the month of January is especially jam-packed with the first OPEN tournament on the Krosmaga eSport circuit!
Patch 1.8: Balancing and Deck Duplication January 16, 2018 - [Dewit]

Balancing, bug fixes, and deck duplication: See what's in patch 1.8!

ANKAMA Nindash is Coming to iOS! Info - January 09, 2018

In kawaii but dangerous medieval Japan, hordes of skeletons are rising and persistently advancing on a small, quiet village. Who will be crazy enough to stand in their way and make them bite the dust? The ninjas, of course! Become one, unlock others, and save the world right now on your mobile device!

Although new features arrive in the game patch after patch, that's not the only place where new features come into being! Toornament has just released its pick & ban feature!

The Krosmaga World Series runs all year long, but the month of January will be especially jam-packed with tournaments on the Krosmaga eSport circuit!