The 1.15 patch, developed thanks to the help of the community, is now available. An expansion that is not afraid to get dirty!

It took some time, but we finally have a launch date! Update 1.15 will be out on Tuesday, June 30!

A small patch before the promised update!

Thank you to everyone who has participated and sent in their card submissions. We've received over 500! Voting will end on November 8.

As we mentioned last week, we would like to include you closely in Krosmaga's next update. Here's some more information about that.

The new-and-improved Ankama Launcher is available starting today.

As part of our efforts to keep on giving you a better gaming experience with the release of the Salamurai Skewers expansion, we're applying a few bug fixes that are available now!

Hi everyone! After much too long a silence, we're reshuffling the cards and taking up the Krosmaga project again. And we're starting with a very special update!