Patchnote 1.41: fixes and balancing August 01, 2017 - [Dewit]

This new patch fixes a number of bugs, and brings with it some card balancing. Take a look at the full list!

Your pets can now be transferred to Krosmaga. The wait to see what your animals will look like once sent to the gods' favorite card game is now over!

As announced in an earlier news item, the depths of the World of Twelve are finally ready to reveal their terrible secret today... Jump into the game to discover the all-new Necros and Paladirs extension, and get 3 gift packs!

KROSMAGA Season 6 Rewards Info - July 13, 2017

You only have one month to climb the ranks of the leaderboard. But it's worth it: discover the new trophies and platforms offered as a reward for the Season 6 ranked matches!

The wait is finally over! Find all the World of Twelve's pets in a 100% Ankama Tamagotchi: DOFUS Pets is out today on tablet and smartphone!

The long-awaited moment has arrived: Gamakna #2 is waiting for you on your tablet and smartphone. Always free, always full to bursting with news, the Ankama universes' magazine is an ideal summer read!
Patchnote 1.4: Necros and Paladirs June 28, 2017 - [Nedab]
Krosmaga's first expansion "Necros and Paladirs" comes in with its 150 new cards! Discover also all the changes added to the game in version 1.4! 

The « Necros and Paladirs » launch party at the Meltdown Bar closest to your home is drawing near. Here’s the program that awaits you on June 28th!