The end of the season is coming, and the opening of your seasonal chest with it! You’re eager to open it, you’re almost trembling with excitation. To pass the time until then, we’re unveiling the pedestals for season 3 and 4!

3 week-ends of qualifications, 1 big finale gathering the best players, streams to see everything and a 3000€ cash prize to win at the end, that’s the #SpringKup in a nutshell! You want to feel big emotions? You’re going to get it!

You’d like to add Krosmaga to your (gigantic) library of games? It’s now available on Steam! Connect to the game through this platform and get the exclusive “Steamer” pedestal!

KROSMAGA The Spring Kup Event - April 11, 2017

Were you thrilled by Krosmaga's first official tournament? Do you want to see a second tournament? Are you eager for wild matches and win big at the end? Then you'll love the Spring Kup! 
EDITED on April 14th: rules updated. 

KROSMAGA New exclusive feature Info - April 01, 2017

We’ve barely completed our work on Draft mode but already, we’re bursting with ideas on what to do next! We can’t resist show you a small preview of what the next update will add to the game, a little surprise that seasoned players will surely love!

Draft mode is available for the weekend starting at 4 PM (CET) this Friday. Take the opportunity to show us you’re the best and win your entry ticket to the next official Krosmaga tournament!

KROSMAGA Patchnote 1.1.2 Updates - March 31, 2017

A new patch was deployed, with new content, tweaking and bug fixes. Find the complete list of these changes here! 

Many of you downloaded issue 0 of Gamakna, and shared your precious feedback with us. As such, we've fixed a few details, and found some new tools to optimize everything. Thank you! But there's no time to rest! Straight on to a special edition and issue 1. GO!